Dodo Webmail

Internet has grown and developed rapidly over the past few decades. Having been developed around half a century ago, the main purpose of internet was to connect the main universities within the United States through the computers that they had. At that time, even these universities had a very small amount of computers. Today however, computer is one of the most commonly used devised and can be found in not just every university of the world but also in every home, school, college, office, bank, shop, shopping mall, airport and just about anywhere else. Hence, it is clear that without computers and the internet, our life is fairly incomplete.

In modern times, most of the work done is made possible through computers. The world id relying on computers for security purposes, managing data, controlling certain environments, saving the data, gaining knowledge, playing games, listening to music and finding information about any subject that they like. This has however, not been possible without the use of internet. Most of the tasks done today are done due to internet and this inlay of networks that was once pretty uncommon and magical for people, is now found everywhere in the world, is common and used almost everywhere in earth on daily basis and that too, at large. Internet has eased our lives to a great extent and has proven to be a great helping hand in many ways. It helps people connect with each other within a mater of seconds, finds endless amount of knowledge, entertains satisfactorily and gets us all that we want through the day. One of the major and most commonly used services provided by the internet is that of e-mailing and this has become so common and popular that it has almost entirely replaced the postage system. It is the worth and value of physically written documents, greeting cards or other such material that has kept the portage system alive otherwise it would have been completely finished. There are numerous websites on the internet that provide free web based e-mailing services such as Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail and Dodo Webmail.

Dodo Webmail

Named after the extinct specie of birds named as Dodo bird, the Dodo Webmail service is immensely popular and just like the bird specie, is an Australian produce. It is largely used by people all around the globe and is one of the best e-mail service provides on the internet.

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